Turn Milestones into Stepping Stones: SEND A KID TO SUMMER ART CAMP!!!

Summer Cover full size

Won’t you enrich the lives of a deserving child by giving them and their families the gift of art and culture?

It has come to my attention that on April 4th I will turn 55.  Even more shocking is the fact that on April 6th, Bill and I will have been married 25 years!  Do you know what this means?  This means something grand must occur to mark these tremendous milestones.  What do two people  whose lives are so full and blessed with an embarrassment of riches beyond our wildest dreams need?


In 2012, I taught pre-teens a 2- week clay class at MAM SummerArt Camp.  What I learned is that I am not the best teacher for anyone less than 20 years of age.  I also learned that the camp was in desperate need of economic and cultural diversity within the student body.  Minimalism is a great genre, but not when it comes to filling a class with students.  Creativity begins when cultures, races and others of diverse life experiences collide.

Bill and I have created a scholarship fund to accomplish this mission.  A gift of $900 will send 1 child to camp for 2 weeks.  To make things even more fun for them they will also get a lunch box, a gift certificate to a local art supply store and a 1 year family membership to the museum.

Imagine  if 90 people sent $10-  BINGO, a child’s life is changed!

The folks at MAM have made it really easy to donate.  All you need to do is click on a link:


Enter the donation amount on the first page (under the donation amount you can check a box in case you want to make the donation in honor or memory of someone, pretty cool..)  Just after entering your credit card info enter the coupon code SUMMERCAMP at the bottom and it will earmark your donation for the camp.  DON’T FORGET TO ENTER TO COUPON CODE!  Please do not delay, as the selection process for student applications is fast approaching. Please help turn our milestones into stepping stones for a budding artist.  Give them a chance to grow and create in a spectacular, nurturing, fantastic place.  Help add “let’s all go to the museum!” to their list of fun things to do.

Please share this post with as many like minded people you can think of, help SummerArtCamp go viral!

Session II Session I Exploring Pottery


5 thoughts on “Turn Milestones into Stepping Stones: SEND A KID TO SUMMER ART CAMP!!!

  1. portapatetcormagis says:

    This is a great thing you are doing there 🙂 *thumbsup*
    Getting to know an art or craft can make so much change in one’s life. Children may find a new creative hobby (and outlet!) or even ponder on a crafty career for the future. They can see how much fun museums are and – sadly – some only learn from camps that they can actually really DO something.
    Again: *thumbsup*


    • Lisa G Westheimer says:

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart portapatetcormagis! I feel very passionate about this. I think that all children regardless of race and financial status should be able to create and find their artistic voice, beginning at an early age. In the US, museums often are viewed as elitist or as a luxury open only to the rich. I hope to change that one child at a time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. portapatetcormagis says:

    Museums over here have a similar reputation 😦
    We are doing a small summer camp every two years with a bunch of Celtic reenactors where children can try ancient crafts. Jewellery making, bronze founding, wood work, herbs, wool …
    It is so awesome – and humbling – when they come again two years later and still have what they crafted during the last camp and THEN they show you what they made at home. This moment you know why you are spending your long holiday weekend with almost 90 kids.


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