Studio Tour, September, 2015

This is the first installment of my studio tour series. I hope to provide you with regular updates on what’s happening (or not) in my studio, giving you a glimpse of what goes on in there and in my brain behind the scenes.

This installment can be called, “not alot going on just yet.” This is a state of affairs that happens as the seasons transition from one to another, in between series, or in between sales events.

Lately most of my work is taking place staring at a computer monitor.  Uploading images, adding items to my Etsy shop, blogging, working with consultants and assistants to create new social media platforms.  But a tiny amount of work is going on in the clown car known as my studio.  I find little projects as I clean, pesky little maintenance tasks, like a pile of kiln furniture that needs scraping, bottles in need of having their labels removed and cleaning prior to slumping into trays, gluing, repairing, cold working.  Basically, the place is a mess in need of a good solid cleaning!


Welcome to the clown car, don’t mind the mess!


Sculpture needs a drop of glue before shipping off to its new home


Tiny treasures in need of grinding, religious statuary in need of cleaning, repair and painting as part of my Restoration Workshop work for my church community


Sometimes an object is beyond repair. This statue was broken once before and just can’t be repaired. 😦


Broken Murano blown glass tumbler from Venice to be remelted and made into jewelry, recycle reuse!


Bottles, clean with labels removed drying in oven to prepare for slumping


Items just washed, drying before being photographed, cataloged and put up for sale


Glass found object artwork waiting for the backs to be painted


There is alot to do:  place a glass and finding order, prepare for a glass jewelry making workshop, plan and prepare for 2 holiday craft fairs.  This is the side of being an artist they didn’t teach me about in school.  The mind’s eye envisions artists happily creating work in their studios all day long, giving life to work effortlessly and happily in their signature voice, stopping only to give someone a studio tour and sell a piece to someone who magically appeared on their doorstep or to fill an order for a store or gallery hankering to feature them.

No, it’s never that simple.  From carving out the time, formulating the idea, wrestling with how to best execute it to the blood sweat and tears of actually creating it, firing it, finishing it and getting it out into the world.  That’s what goes on behind the wizard’s curtain beyond the closed studio door.  Here’s to hoping next month’s studio tour has some new work on the boards to show you!






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