Log Jam in the Studio!

Every now and then I have so many projects, commitments and ideas that I run around my studio touching everything and not a damn thing gets done.  It’s shaping up to be one of those days.  So many things to do, so little time!!!!  I’m 3 weeks into teaching and firing work for a 4 week glass class, preparing for a fused glass jewelry making workshop this Sunday, I have a commission to make 2 urns and want to throw a bunch of my own stuff to fill up the kiln around them AND let’s not forget all that needs to be done to launch the videos.

I keep telling myself to stop panicking, and just do one thing, finish it, then go onto the next.  All the while there are ringing phones, e mail notifications and those videos.  All this makes me run around waving my hands in the air.  When I get like this I want to dive under the bed and it’s hard to even set foot across the studio threshold.  I have learned 2 handy tricks to get myself in there and stay there for a productive quantity of time, I’ll call “Plan A” and “Plan B.”

Plan A are audio books.  I love them.  Right now I’m on a Lisa Scottoline binge.  Doesn’t matter if I’ve read one of her books already, I’ll listen.  She’s the kind of girl who “gets” me.  We have the same first name.  We’re about the same age.  She’s got a pony named Buddy and my horse is named Buddy and we both have very colorful characters as family members.  Right now, Lady Killer is getting me through this latest studio log jam, thank you Lisa!

Plan B is more drastic.  It is a last resort measure.  I try not to deploy this trick very often.  It can have hazardous results. Plan B is a box of salted chocolate covered caramels placed in the farthest corner of the studio, preferably only reachable by standing on a chair.  Must be milk chocolate, dark will not work.  My favorite are from Bromilow’s, which thankfully has not one but 2 locations, both of which are not really nearby, just far enough away to make an effort to go get them.  Li-lac in Greenwich Village are divine too, but they are too small and go down way too easy.  The one’s from Bromilow’s are of jaw breaker size and require alot of chewing so one usually does the trick, unless I’m working on a very complicated series and even 3 don’t seem to be enough.

Plan B is a tricky strategy because if I eat too many I get sluggish and they slow me down.  Plan A sometimes can backfire when it gets to a really juicy part and I need to leave the room momentarily to get something or use the drill press or do something outside and want to hear how ends.  But either one or the other work.  I never allow myself to do both, way too decadent.

Right now I’m at a crossroad.  I’m almost done listening to Lady Killer but it’s at a really tense point and I’m tense enough as it is, especially since I’ve been guzzling green tea all day.  I don’t have any Bromilow’s and I’m on a diet which is making me really jones for them and it’s a mixed blessing not to have any.  The glass kiln is loaded, I punched out little glass circles with the drill press (which made the wet sponge explode all over me and my nice clean shirt) so it’s either work on the dreaded videos or go get some clay ready to throw around.

But I really want the caramels, oh woe is me!

Anyway, like the glass plates that came out of the kiln the other day?  They’re on Etsy, attractively priced.  I just uploaded them, my aren’t I productive! 😉GreenSwirlTray_04BlueSwirlTray_04

(View on Etsy here: green swirl tray and purple & blue swirl tray)

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